Divine Health Program is a basic course of Divine Energy Park. It's very simple program which will bring amazing benefits in your life. You'll become healthy, positive, person full of energy. Just like me :) But don't forget - practice makes perfects.

Divine Health Program teaches the ancient system of development of consciousness that liberates body and mind from deeply rooted stress and toxins, revitalizes the body and mind and activates our full mental potential. This is a complete program that you can practice on your own at home.
With Divine breathing, you will enhance the quality of your life. By practicing The Divine Health Program, our awareness opens its hidden potential, and enables every person to live the creative life in fulfillment and health. Divine breathing is a scientific way to remove accumulated tension in the body and mind.
Program includes:
- divine breathing techniques 
- sound meditation
- physical exercises
- invoking cosmic energy and omkara
- At Divine Health Program you will be introduced to Divine techniques for development of consciousness, acquiring health, ancient medicine techniques (practical use), healthy diet etc.

It's very easy to be healthy, positive, and person full of energy. Only what you need is a piece of discipline, and result will come quickly.