Are you ready for divine lifestyle?
 I'll talk about:
- natural health
- interior and product design
- ecology
- meditation, breathing techniques and yoga
- and all other stuff which will improve the quality of life

First of all I want to tell you my story..
My name is Petra, I'm from Croatia. I learned how to live this modern, stress life, successfully, healthy and wealthy, so I decide to share my knowlege with you.
I'm practicing divine health program for about 5 years, and I have great results. Since I've started practicing this techniques, I have perfect health, my mind is free and positive, and I achieve everything that I imagine. I realized that only the sky's limit :)   I like this program because it's perfect for modern men who doesn't have spare time for meditating and doing yoga all day. 30 minutes in the morning, and 30' at the evening are enough for great results. Although I'm very young person, I'm successfully leading my business company for interior design and product design.
After three years of education in Divine Energy Park I've got a certificate for Divine Health Program teacher and Hatha yoga teacher. I'm holding the Divine Health Program courses all over the world, mostly in Europe. I can't describe that magic feeling when you help to someone. After the courses, people called my and said :"Thanks Petra, for first time in my life, I don't have pain in stomach every day..." .
Also, I am a teacher of "The moon water", a course for women, where women are learning a techniques for healing a menstrual issues, PMS, a menopause issues, rejuvenation exercises, exercises for prevention of many diseases (such as cancer)...

I hope that you'll like my blog, and my articles and advices will help you to improve your life quality.
With love,