Breathing exercises - the secret of my health

hello :) it's time for pranayamas (breathing exercises)!
I'm practicing a breathing exercises for about five years. Since then, I'm proud to say that, my health is perfect. Seriously, I don't have any health issues. Before, I have problems with my bladder (cystitis), my immune system was quite weak. You are now wondering what is the secret?

Breathing is the most important process of our body. We can remain for days without food and water, but just a few minutes without breathing. Due to rapid and stressful way of life, most people breathe incorrectly, using only 30-40% of their lung capacity. This is one of the reasons why our bodies get tired and ill. Our brain needs three times more oxygen than other organs. If it gets deprived of oxygen, it will compensate this lack by taking it from other organs. This is why many people get exhausted physically as well as mentally. Up to 60% of violence occurs because people do not know how to breathe correctly. Breathing properly is important because the improper breathing patterns and inhaling the polluted air, cause degeneration of the body and shorten its life. Proper breathing provides many benefits for our body and mind. If we learn how to breathe properly, our body will have plenty of oxygen for the efficient functioning of all cells in the body and the releasing of harmful gases, especially carbon dioxide. Proper breathing provides a positive, peaceful and stable mind and a joyful and long life.

 Divine Health Course in Divine Energy Center Bali

On basic Divine Health Course you can learn a breathing exercises which will help you to achieve a perfect health of your body and mind. The best thing is that breathing exercises are very simple but they have a strong effect on our body. Many people have heal diseases with these pranayamas. So, what do you think? 


  1. Više informacija? Kako početi? Hvala!

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