Start the new year right with the full body detox

I wish this New Year fills your life with happiness and perfect health always, much more success and happiness. Happy New Year :))

Many of us have overdose on food and drink at Christmas time, so in the first days of 2012 it's best to do the full body detox... You will feel great. The full body detox is quite simple, we just need is patience and willpower :)  Here are some advices which will help you to clean your body...

Fasting is the oldest, simplest and surest way to put your health and spirits back on track. Fasting improves blood flow or circulation and the body's capacity to eliminate resulting in better overall health. You will fell more energetic, and alert, and be more resistant to all forms of disease. Fasting can even slow down the aging process which is little more than the accumulated effects of our bad habits and wrong life style. During the fast the body takes opportunity to eliminate a lot of toxins that have built up over the years. Fasting is very important, because during it, our digestive system is finally begins to relax.

One - day fast

The best way to clean our organism is one - day fast. It's specially good for business people who live in stressful environment, and who doesn't have a time for the long detox program. One-day fast is very simple. Take the one day for fast, and in that day don't eat anything. You need to drink a plenty of water, because water will improve your body cleaning. Drink about 3 liters of a water.

If you will feel bad, you can eat some fruit (don't eat bananas), or drink fresh juice. It's possible that you will feel cold, than you should drink a hot water, or herbal tea.

Good luck with your one - day detox, your body will be grateful :)



  1. I'm curious about why you shouldn't include bananas with this fruit? I tend to take bananas along with me to work as snacks... maybe I should stop!

  2. Bananas are very healthy fruit, so don't stop eating it ;) Bananas aren't recommended during the fasting because they contain a small percentage of water...When you are fasting it is better to eat a fruit with high percentage of water (apples, oranges, watermelon etc.)because they will help you with detox.