An apple a day keeps the doctor away

In many cultures apple is know as the elixir of life. In Scandinavian mythology, the gods stay young by the apples of youth. By Celtic mythology, apple is a magic fruit, and whoever eat an apple from magic garden will never get ill or get old.
If we want to achieve a perfect health, we should eat an apple a day. What is the secret of this magical fruit?

An apple is like treasure chest. A fresh apple is rich with fiber (cellulose, pectin, lignin ...), an apple a day containing 20% of the fiber you need daily. A fiber from apples reduce cholesterol that occurs in the liver, and in addition, staple foods prevents the emergence of heart disease. Apples are full of vitamins (vitamin C, which is responsible for immunity and aging, vitamins A, E, K, B), minerals (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron), acids, which help in the digestion process. Because it contains carbohydrates, fructose, sucrose, glucose, supplying the body energy and prevents fatigue, and also clarifies the mind.

The real source of health is in the apple skin
When you eat an apple, eat it with the skin, because it's full of pectin.
Apple Pectin's gel-forming fiber is believed to assist the body's own efforts to remove unwanted toxins from the colon and promote colonic health by cleansing the intestinal tract. Also, the skin contains an acid, which controls the level of cholesterol and blood sugar, and protects and strengthens the muscles of the body from decay.

Apple juice
It has been proven that our body absorbs more nutrients from the juice, rather than from solid foods. If you decide to consume the juice, it is best to drink fresh, unsweetened juice of organic apples. When we drink fresh juices, all the nutrients go directly into our blood, and then our body receives numerous benefits. Apple juice enhances the action of the digestive canal, rich in iron, magnesium, silicon and potassium. Also enhances the transmission of impulses in nerve cells, brain full of oxygen and improves heart function. Experts say that two glasses of apple juice a day reduces the possibility of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease. If you have indigestion, drink apple juice, because the soluble and insoluble fiber in apples help regulate digestion.
Apple juice with ginger (add fresh ginger, or powdered) is ideal for eliminating fatigue, lethargy, and warms the body in these cold winter days. This combination will bring you lots of energy, a pleasant ginger warms your entire body.

Achieve pH balance by using apple cider vinegar
Acidosis (acidic of blood) is one of the major causes of many diseases. Because of bad eating habits, consummation of white sugar, refined foods, fast food, there is an increased acidity of the body's pH. It is therefore important to bring foods that increase alkalinity in order to bring the body into balance, and to prevent the occurrence of the disease. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best foods that increase alkalinity.
Every day, in the morning and at the evening, on an empty stomach, drink 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a little water, and thereby maintain the vitality of your body, and bring the pH balance, and keep your cardiovascular system strong.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away :)
Every day, eat an apple and prevent the formation of numerous health problems. It's best to eat apples from organic farming, but if you buy apples that were treated with pesticides, be sure to peel the skin, because on the skin there's the most chemical substances.
The apple contains a serotonin, known as "the hormone of happiness." When you're a bad mood, irritable, reach for an apple and you will feel better.


  1. Good to know! In the fall, I always try to eat as many apples as I can on a daily basis. And I'd love to find a really good apple juice. The ones I usually see in stores have so much sugar!

  2. The best apple juice is when you do it. Just put apples and water in blender and enjoy :) Yes, the ones from stores have so much sugar...

  3. So interesting! I love apples & always heard of that saying but never really knew how beneficial these little balls of deliciousness were. Thank you for the info :)

  4. Samanta, I'm glad that you liked the article... On my blog you'll find a lots of interesting facts and informations ;)