1,2,3 it's time for tea :)

I must admit that I really adore the tea. Mostly I like herbal teas, more than black and fruit teas. I like investigate about benefits of certain herbs on our health.  It's amazing how we can cure various diseases with herbal teas.

These are my favorites herbs which are very good for women's health. 
Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) - is used for “fluid retention” (edema), kidney and bladder stones, urinary tract infections, the inability to control urination (incontinence), and general disturbances of the kidney and bladder.
Taheebo herbal tea -  this is the tea which you must have in your herbal apothecary because it's amazing. Taheebo is found in rain forests in South America. It is a powerful herb with antibiotic and virus-killing properties. It gives the body the energy needed to defend itself and to help resist diseases. It is used in South America to battle cancer and leukemia. It is useful in aiding the body in fighting and healing from all chronic diseases, immunodeficiency diseases, diarrhea, and intestinal infections. It's very tasty, and has slight taste of vanilla :)
Shepherd's-purse - has reputation to stop the bleeding - internally and externally. It has a considerable effect over the uterus, adjusting the menstrual cycle and putting a stop to the abundant uterine bleedings.
So it's good to drink this tea when you have abnormal abundance of bleeding during period.

What is your favorite tea?



The story about white sugar - part I

Most of us are using white sugar without knowing about negative health aspects of consuming it...
Divine Energy Park wrote very interesting article about it. This is part I of that article.

For thousands of years, honey and fresh or dried fruits, have satisfied the man’s desire for sweetness. These natural foods contain not only sugar, but also minerals, vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, proteins, water, etc. However, refined and crystallized sugar has replaced natural sources of sugar today. The food industry uses it in great amounts. Using sucrose is so psychologically rooted that the average family uses it every single day. White sugar has become a sort of drug. Over 90% of people have developed an addiction to sugar in some form. Sugar, by its chemical composition, is pure sucrose - a simple carbohydrate, a combination of glucose (grape sugar) and fructose (fruit sugar). It is obtained from sugar cane or sugar beet. Although the processes of obtaining sugar vary, the final product is identical. The initial use of sugar cane is thought to originate in Polynesia from where it spread to India. In Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations, sugar was used in such small amounts that the Greeks, who had a word for almost everything, had no word for sugar!
In ancient Persia, sugar cane processing was guarded as a secret, because of the large profits involved, until the 7th century Arab conquest of Persia. Crusades brought sugar to Europe by conquering Arabian territories. In the early 14th century London, it was sold for $ 100 per kilo, at today’s prices. Today, the annual consumption of sugar has reached 120 million tons, with an increase of 2 million tons, recorded each year. Largest producers are India and the European Union. The average American uses over 50 kg of sugar per year. Based on decades of research on white sugar, the conclusion has been made that this chemical substance is capable of creating a true addiction, similar to nicotine, alcohol or coffee addictions. White sugar, not only does not have any use to our body and no nutritional value, but is in fact harmful. It is the true danger to human health because it is a direct or indirect source of modern diseases such as cavity, the acidity of the blood, arteriosclerosis,
loss of calcium in the bones, heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, acne, stomach ulcer, high cholesterol levels, problems with circulation, hypersensitivity, liver degeneration, nervous tension, etc. It is suspected that nearly 80% of all today’s diseases are caused by excessive use of white sugar.

Tomorrow I'll bring a part II of this sugar story... 

Are you using a white sugar or some healthier sweetener?



Did you know?

Did you know is my new "rubric" where I'll share short tips & tricks...

Sweet dreams
Did you know that if you drink warm milk with a spoonful of honey before retiring to bed, you'll have sweet and peaceful dreams...



Experience in practising Divine Health Program

Hi :) Take a time and watch this video... In this interview mr.Skreb, chief Economist and Strategist in Privredna Banka Zagreb (a bank of Intesa Sanpaolo) and former Governor of the Croatian National bank, is describing his experience in practicing Divine Health Program.


...If you always put a limit on everything that you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them... 



Light a candle

photo by Divine Idea - vilinska prasina candle

Candles are my big love :) I'm so lucky, because my very close friends from vilinska prasina are making home made candles. So in my home I've plenty of it. They are very eco friendly, all candles are made from natural wax and natural colors.
Many of us have forgotten how candles can bring special touch in our interior. You can add a candle in every room in your home, also they will look amazing in exterior. They are great because they offer just the right amount of warmth and light to make a room feel truly special. If you want to relax, take a bath with a lots of candles around. Believe me, you will feel reborn.

photo by Divine Idea - vilinska prasina candle



Very simple and powerful method for stress relief

We all live in very stressful environment so we need to find a way for stress relief. Otherwise, if we aren't relaxing a stress, it will just accumulate and cause us a many mental and physical problems. I think it's better to relief a stress. I found a way, it's very simple but powerful.

Meditation is my method for stress relief. If you want to meditate, you don't need to be yogi, don't need to live in cave, just integrate meditation into your daily life routine. And enjoy in your life.

"Meditation is neither religious nor sectarian, but a technique that frees the mind from stress and tension. Meditation is a path for the evolution of the entire human race. When a person meditates, he or she is able to create positive vibrations in the minds of others. Meditation can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age, sex, religion or nation." Divine Energy Park

I'll write about meditation in my next post, so continue reading divine lifestyle :)


Say hello to painless periods

I've noticed that many women are having some health issues, such as PMS, period problems, problems in the menopause, ovarian cysts, infections, cancer, etc. More then 90% of women are having some of the problems listed above during the life time. It's quite sad, because, our body is very intelligent, and if we knew to listen our body, we'll be perfectly healthy. Before, I have very painful menstruation, and how I said before, I've cystitis etc. Fortunately, I've learned some simply exercises, and practical advices, and when I started practicing that things, I don't have any "women" issues. In this post, I'll tell you some advices if you want to have normally, painless period time :) This all advices and exercises are part of The moon water course, which I'm teaching all over the world (mostly in Europe). If you have some questions about course, feel free to contact me...

Say goodbye to painful period

- five days before period and during it don't drink milk and don't eat any of dairy products. Because they cause uterus contractions which will result with pain period...
- tree days before and during period is good to use the cinnamon. Put one teaspoon cinnamon powder in a glass of water (or less) and drink it. The cinnamon will relax the uterus muscles, and also, the cinnamon will reduce the psychological tensions (which are "normal" in PMS).
- if you have abnormal bleeding drink a tea of herbal called Shepherd's Purse (lat.Capsella bursa pastoris). This herbal will in very short time reduce bleeding.
- during the periods eat and drink citrus (oranges, lemons...) they help to uterus to heal faster

Now, try the advices, and tell us your results :)



Breathing exercises - the secret of my health

hello :) it's time for pranayamas (breathing exercises)!
I'm practicing a breathing exercises for about five years. Since then, I'm proud to say that, my health is perfect. Seriously, I don't have any health issues. Before, I have problems with my bladder (cystitis), my immune system was quite weak. You are now wondering what is the secret?

Breathing is the most important process of our body. We can remain for days without food and water, but just a few minutes without breathing. Due to rapid and stressful way of life, most people breathe incorrectly, using only 30-40% of their lung capacity. This is one of the reasons why our bodies get tired and ill. Our brain needs three times more oxygen than other organs. If it gets deprived of oxygen, it will compensate this lack by taking it from other organs. This is why many people get exhausted physically as well as mentally. Up to 60% of violence occurs because people do not know how to breathe correctly. Breathing properly is important because the improper breathing patterns and inhaling the polluted air, cause degeneration of the body and shorten its life. Proper breathing provides many benefits for our body and mind. If we learn how to breathe properly, our body will have plenty of oxygen for the efficient functioning of all cells in the body and the releasing of harmful gases, especially carbon dioxide. Proper breathing provides a positive, peaceful and stable mind and a joyful and long life.

 Divine Health Course in Divine Energy Center Bali

On basic Divine Health Course you can learn a breathing exercises which will help you to achieve a perfect health of your body and mind. The best thing is that breathing exercises are very simple but they have a strong effect on our body. Many people have heal diseases with these pranayamas. So, what do you think?